Our History...


Giorgio Pancaldi’s Antica Salumeria was born in the ancient and rich canonic palace of XV century, rebuilt in 1786. The Salumeria produces and  offers to its customers Italian pork meat specialities.
This activity has ancient roots.  Since 1930-40, the process was carried out in cellars, where the products were skillfully seasoned.
Since 1955 fresh hams have been sent to Langhirano, where the Pancaldi family carries on the activity and wholesales with the help of expert craftsmen, members of the Parmisan Ham Consortium.
In 1985, Giorgio’s sons founded the F.lli Pancaldi of Fausto and Alberto Snc, which operates in the same field of the father’s Antica Salumeria.
The choice of fresh meat takes always place in very qualified slaughterhouse in northern Italy, where they only process national pigs breaded at the “old manner”. The result is a variety of exquisite hams and salami at very competitive prices.
Another flagship of our offer  is our best quality  Parmiggiano Reggiano Cheese and our Traditional Aceto Balsamico of Reggio Emilia.
The Antica Salumeria has also been given  national and international credits as reported in the Review page. In 1997 an article published in “Le Figaro Japan” has brought hundreds of Japanese  visitors to our shop, to try and buy our fabulous products.
You only need to get in touch with us or just come and visit: you won’t regret it!
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